The Legend Of... (One Act) (Comedy)

Burn Her - A Salem Witch Trial Comedy (One Act) 

Link from the Legend of Zelda is having a rough day when he realizes he's being controlled by a player in an absurd manner. 

The Sex Seance - A Zoom One-Act

Before a "sexy-time Zoom call" a lesbian couple must first banish a ghost haunting one of their apartments.

Jopsehine is a dark sinister witch who has been placed on trial. But things are a bit more than they seem in the town of Salem. 

Bingo - A Full Length Play

In Orange County, old best friends Brenda and Wendy experience the roller coaster of getting old and millennial life.


Now-What (Nahuatl) - Comedy

A bumbling Aztec prince in Ancient Central America must prove himself a leader while dealing with "gentrifying" Conquistadors. 

One Day at a Time (Spec Script)

Schneider, Elena and Alex go on the road trip of a lifetime. Lydia goes missing & Penelope's "self-care Sunday" isn't as relaxing as she'd hope.


I Remember One Christmas - Dramady

Old familial drama reignites when the abuelos of Ana and Marcos forgot they were coming home for the holidays.