Henry Alexander Kelly is a gay, venti-caramel, Afro-Latino comedic writer and actor with San Francisco Bay Area and Nicaraguan Roots. He's currently a 2022 Film Independent Project Involve Writing Fellow and is part of the 2022 Sundance BIPOC Mentorship Program. He was a recipient of the 2021 Sundance Uprise Grant & a graduate of the 2020 National Hispanic Media Coalition’s Series Scriptwriters Program sponsored by ABC and NBC. His half-hour animated, mockumentary, comedy, NOW-WHAT?! (NAHUATL), about the Nicarao-Aztecs in the 1500s dealing with an ever-changing world, was optioned by Campanario Entertainment. He co-founded Circle of Writers LA, a pilot writing development group with Makeda Declet that got sponsored by Final Draft and CoverFly in 2022. He started La Mesa Writes, a monthly writing workshop within La Mesa: A Latinx Collective founded by Peter Murrieta, Erik Rivera, and Jorge Rivera. He creates zany, larger-than-life, genre-blending worlds exploring the intersection of cultural identity, interpersonal struggles, and the absurdity of society. 


Burn Her - A Salem Witch Trial Comedy (One Act)

Things get a bit more hysterical in the town of Salem when Josephine a dark sinister witch gets put on trial. 

Bingo (Full Length Play)

The Sex Seance (A Zoom One-Act)

Before a "sexy-time Zoom call" a lesbian couple must first banish a ghost haunting one of their apartments.

In Orange County, old best friends Brenda and Wendy experience the roller coaster of getting old and millennial life.

Original Pilots                                                        

Theme Perk

A naïve tour guide at the World’s #1 Theme Park navigates grumpy guests, cutthroat coworkers, and Rated-X activities, realizing that his “magical” job is very different from its public-facing façade.


Follow a Nicaraguan-American teen and his awkward friends as they grow up through the nerdy and dirty suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now-What?! (Nahuatl)

Follow the absurd antics of a small Aztec tribe in 1400s Central America as they take on an ever-changing world.


A peppy capybara and a disgruntled toucan must travel through different gaming genres to save their 3D platforming world from being destroyed by evil game data.

Short Film Scripts                                                    

Chuck and Fern

When a disgruntled swordsman can’t kill a D-List villain, they both must reckon with a world beyond their 8-bit existence.

I Remember One Christmas

Old familial drama reignites when the abuelos of Ana and Marcos forgot they were coming home for the holidays.

Spec Script_________________________________________

One Day at a Time (Multi-Cam Sitcom)

Schneider, Elena and Alex go on the road trip of a lifetime. When Lydia goes missing, Penelope's "self-care Sunday" isn't as relaxing as she'd hoped. 

Girls5Eva (Comedy)

With Girls5Eva on tour, the ladies hatch up a plan to grow their fanbase and create tour hype!